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Every business out there wants to be the frontrunner when it comes to advertising. Your company may be a small one in the market, waiting to break out and become a big fish in an industry. Or a well established enterprise business that needs to maintain their image in a highly competitive market, whatever your requirement, we have a branded advertising inflatable to suit your needs.

From a six foot advertising balloon to a custom shaped product replica at twenty metres high, we do it all and we do it well! Our in house design team are waiting at the ready to assist with your design requirements and our production and delivery is the fastest in the industry. Browse our products and request a 100% free quote today.

Competitive Price

If you receive a lower price on an identical product from a competitor our company will match it and still include our premium quality and free design services.

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To Your Door

Avoid freight and logistics headaches with our 100% delivery to your door policy. We will produce and deliver your inflatable products direct to your business or event location.

100% Free Product Design

You read right: we have a full team of designers that will create your inflatable and show you a prototype mock up for approval prior to production.`

Our Custom Inflatables Process

From your idea, right through to production and delivery, learn more about about our custom inflatables process.

You have an awesome idea

We start with your idea. No matter how big, small, crazy or out there it may be, when we say inflatable anything, we mean inflatable anything. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve created all sorts of inflatables from giant gorillas and angry birds, right through to giant super domes.

Whether you have a drawing, sketch, reference photo or even a model, our team will work with you to create the perfect inflatable for you. The great thing about custom inflatables is that you get to choose absolutely everything from size and design, through to colours and branding.

It’s important to consider a few key aspects when thinking about your inflatable including your budget and how your inflatable will be used. Our team will go through all of these things with you to determine the best fit and put together a quote for the inflatable based on the information you’ve given us.

We create your design

Next, once your quote is accepted, our team take your idea and get to work putting together all of the design documentation and drawings for your custom inflatable. We start by putting together 2D drawings of your inflatable, which allows us to work out exact sizing, dimensions and branding or logo placements.

Once we have completed the 2D drawings, we’ll then sit down with you to go through them and make sure that you’re 100% happy with the sizing, dimensions and branding of your inflatable. We can also make revisions or changes if you would like to tweak the design.

From here, we’ll then put together complete 3D renderings. This not only allows us to work out all of the technical requirements such as calculating the air volume to determine how many air blowers your inflatable will need, but also gives you a final view of what your custom inflatable will look like when it’s complete. You can also decide if you would like any optional extras such as a heavy duty carry bag.

We build and deliver

From here, once the final 3D render is approved, we then get to work building your custom inflatable. Throughout the manufacturing process, we’ll provide you with updates so you can keep track of what stage it is up to in the process.

All our manufacturing facilities adhere to strict Australian Standards, so you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality product, built by trained and skilled personnel. Our inflatables can also be independently assessed and engineered for an additional fee, to comply with state regulations for events.

Once your custom inflatable is complete, it will be sent to your nominated address. Your custom inflatable will come with all of the equipment you need to get it set up and ready including an air blower, carry bag and manual.