Australia’s #1 Custom Promotional Inflatables

Every business out there wants to be the frontrunner when it comes to advertising. Your company may be a small one in the market, waiting to break out and become a big fish in an industry. Or a well established enterprise business that needs to maintain their image in a highly competitive market, whatever your requirement, we have a branded advertising inflatable to suit your needs. From a six foot advertising balloon to a custom shaped product replica at twenty metres high, we do it all and we do it well! Our in house design team are waiting at the ready to assist with your design requirements and our production and delivery is the fastest in the industry. Browse our products and request a 100% free quote today.

Custom Advertising Inflatables
Standing Out

Stand Out From Your Competitors

When you’re looking for a fun, quirky and interesting way to advertise your business, you need to think about custom inflatable items fully printed with your brand. A branded inflatable product such as those that you can find with Event Display are perfect when you want to stand out among the crowd and be a showstopper. You can request large, inflatable company mascots, huge inflatable versions of your products and even entire structures, such as dome tents that you can order with your logo and brand splashed across the top. Advertising inflatables don’t just look good, they are a conversation starter! Let’s say your business is one that sells high-quality doughnuts; you’re going to go with a giant inflatable doughnut for an event and you’re going to know this will draw the eye of the crowd. Who doesn’t love doughnuts, right?.
Fun, Fun, Fun!

It Doesn't Have To Be All Business

It’s not all business, either, you’ve got to have a little fun! The next time you hold a summer barbecue and you invite clients, customers and those in the local community, you could have fun by ordering one of our custom jumping houses for the kids in the area. You could also make a stunning entrance with one of our inflatable branded archways. Making your brand stand out in a way that people are going to engage with isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in a cost-effective, fun way. Your business needs a personality, and if you identify with the unique and a little bold, then you’ll love advertising yourself in the biggest, blown-up way possible! We do everything that we can to ensure that your custom inflatable items look as close to the real thing as possible, meaning that your products are going to make a big impact on the day of your event..
Fully Customisable

All Inflatables Are 100% Customisable

We can offer you an 100% free design service. So, if you don’t know how to convey your brand message on a giant inflatable, we can help you to do it - at no cost to you. Our materials that we use for our inflatables are second to none and are far superior to anything that you will currently find in the Australian market. We’re confident that you will be able to choose the right colours, styles and sizes for your inflatable; because we will be right there to support your creative vision. The best bit? Our custom inflatables can be bespoke for your needs, and you’re not limited to just one thing. Holding your event in a giant inflatable tent is different to what others in your industry would choose to do. If you want a plain marquee, we’re happy to supply it. If you want one that screams your brand and pushes your colours on the world, we’re down for that, too.
Easy Set-Up

Most Inflatables Set-Up In 10 Minutes Or Less

Custom inflatables are easy to set-up and easy to deflate. They are durable, lightweight and so easy to put up that we’re confident that you can do it. We provide you with everything that you would need to get ready for your event, so that you can minimise the stress that you feel. Event planning and crafting isn’t easy, because there is so much to get on with during the day. Event Display will ensure that you have your printed cover, the blower, tie-down ropes and solid anchor points and more - if you need it, we will make sure that you have it. There will be no missing pieces on the day and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer services. Given that you need a company that is there for you when you need them, Event Display can be all that and more.

Flexibility Suited To Your Environment

A lot of companies that hold outdoor events know that they need their advertising to be solid on the day, otherwise they won’t be able to have the same impact with the people in attendance. The good news, is that you are not restricted with your advertising choices with Event Display; our inflatables are anchored so that you don’t have to worry about a rogue inflatable archway escaping. Custom inflatables are something that every single business should consider for their advertising. They’re fun, they’re different and they are really memorable and they’re becoming more and more popular.

At Event Display, we can make literally anything you want and we can make it inflated. We know that you need fast delivery, fast turnaround and - dare we say it - a little input when it comes to the design of the product. Well, Event Display can do all that. We know your company needs help with capturing the attention of the general public to bring in new customers and get people talking about you; we won’t let you down!

We are one of the leading providers of promotional items in Australia, and our advertising inflatables are making waves at events across the country. We’re not afraid to help your company to step outside the box and be a little more ‘out there’ with how you do things. If you want a light-up inflatable tent, or a giant inflatable doughnut, we’ve got you covered.